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How it works

Once you have made your booking you will receive confirmation via e-mail.  We will have all your details and a confirmed meet time.


We ask you to call us when you are approximately 15-20 minutes away from the Airport.  The reason we do this is so we know your approximate time of arrival.  This means we can have a driver in place and we can let you know where to meet.


The meet time is very important to us as we need to know if you are going to arrive early or late.  Each customer is allocated with a time slot and therefore in the event of any delays or early arrivals please notify us as soon as possible as this could lead to delays in our service.


At the time your car is collected by the driver, he will inform you of the returns procedure and give you a card with our number on it for you to call when you have cleared customs and are waiting at the pick up point.


The return procedure is equally as important.

Please note that upon your return we ask you to call us when you are at the pick up point.


If you call us before you have cleared customs and you are not there when your car is returned to the terminal, we can only wait for 5 minutes and your vehicle will be returned to the carpark.


There will be a charge of £5.00 upon the return of your vehicle and you will have to wait until we have an available slot.


There are two reasons for this, firstly, the airport do not allow any waiting time what so ever at any of the terminals and secondly we have other customers waiting for their vehicles who have followed the correct procedure.


If you have any questions regarding the above procedure, please do not hesiate to contact us as we aim to make your experience with us as straight forward as possible.


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Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to return my car?

We aim to return your vehicle within 10-20 minutes of your call subject to local traffic conditions, any flight delays or airport operational issues.

How far from the airport will my car be parked?

Your car will be taken to the secure Park Mark awarded facility approximately 3 miles from the Terminal building.

How do you know when my return flight is due to arrive?

We constantly monitor the flight arrival times of all flights so we are aware of the time you land. This is why it is important that you provide us with your flight details when making your booking.

Are your drivers insured to drive my car?

All drivers are fully covered to drive your car as the Meet and Greet service uses a jockey policy.

How late can I make my booking before I fly?

You can book on the day you fly out if necessary.  However, if  you book on-line you must call us on the chauffeur phone as soon as you have booked.

Does the price quoted include the new airport parking drop off charges?

The prices for the EazyPark Meet and Greet service do not include any charges made by Manchester Airport for Drop off and Pick up.


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EazyPark Meet and Greet
EazyPark Meet and Greet


EazyPark Meet and Greet
EazyPark Meet and Greet

NEW SERVICE - EP+ Indoor Parking 1 Week ONLY £37.00

EazyPark Meet and Greet
EazyPark Meet and Greet
EazyPark Meet and Greet
EazyPark Meet and Greet